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Cuddlesalot Dachshund Breeders


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We guarantee all of our babies to be healthy.

By the time they are 6 weeks old they have already had:
- their first Veterinarian Check Up. Only after Dr. Kostuch
has given his professional opinion on whether these little
furry kids should be sold to pet homes or kept as
breeding adults (if that is what we are interested in) do
we then decide what we will do. As our breeding program
is very extensive, and strictly scheduled. This way we
are able to monitor how our mommies and daddies (studs)
are doing. WE DO NOT OVER USE OUR FURRY KIDS. They always
have long breaks in between litters. Because just as a
woman needs time to heal after child birth, so do our
- their first immunizations.
- their first deworming.

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