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Baby's new litter - 11/09/03

The "Weenie, Doxie, Daschie, Hot Dog" (just some of the nicknames known for this very complex furry little kid) is definitely one of a kind. And because they are such a unique breed, they come with many questions. Some of which I hope I am able to answer for you right here. But if for any reason my answers are unclear or you feel you need more information, please feel free to e-mail me at any time.

Just click right here for my e-mail.

I feel that it is very important for everyone to know that these questions have either been asked to me by my new mommies and daddies or people that have e-mailed me for information. And that I am aswering them honestly and to the best of my ability as a loving and responsible breeder.


It seems like my weenie will never be potty trained. What do I do?


First of all find out if the breeder has the new litter in his/her own living space or if they are kept in pens or cages until they are sold to You, the new owner. That, I find is imparative. Solely because, with mine, they are in our living space until they are sold. We (my husband - Bill, myself, and our 12 year old daughter - Nancy) are very diligent about their potty training because we know the difficulties they can have when they go to their new homes. I will not lie to you, for us it is very time consuming to make sure that everytime they do their little circles and their tails go up in the air, that one of us runs to their aid to make sure that they make it to their paper. And the fact that our living room and hall carpet have been trashed by accidents. (And there have been many). And that we are in the middle of putting down new ceramic tiles throughout. But it will be well worth it just for the sanity, and the well being of knowing our home is much easier to keep sanitary.

Even though you may not (in the long run) want newspaper laid throughout your home. I would highly suggest that for the first little while until they get used to their new domain that you do just that. That when your puppy is running around after you while you do your daily activities that you have at least a couple of sheets in each room he/she will be following you into. Or, if you have alot of carpeting in your home I would suggest "PEE PADS". They are fantastic. They have a plastic backing and are padded on top. With a very similar material used in diapers. They also have a scent that only furry little kids can smell. And it attracts them to do their business on the pad rather than on the carpet or the kitchen floor.

And make sure that you get them spayed or neutered between 5 and 6 months of age. Because if you think you have problems now, just wait until their little hormones start to rage. The males will mark territory, which means they lift their leg and squirt wherever and whenever they feel like it. The females will spray on everything and anything. I cannot emphisize enough the importance of having them fixed.

I cannot guarantee this, but I have suggested it to many and it has worked for most. This way you will feel much more comfortable about letting your furry little kid have the freedom that he/she need to become a full member of your family.


I have heard so much about Dachshunds having back problems.
Is it safe for them to go up and down the stairs?


Yes and No. Yeah, I know it's "ONE OF THOSE". You're absolutely right. It is one of those nasty two headed questions that can haunt you forever!!!!! Just kidding. Although, the answer is not just a simple Yes or No. If your stairs are steep, I would say it is not a good idea for them to try to run marathons on them. (Meaning more than a couple of times a day, and only if they show no discomfort, and the stairs are safe for them.) Regular stairs are not a problem. My furry kids bounce up and down them 10 times a day without any discomfort at all. But my stairs are carpeted, which gives them total traction. I would not let them go up and down wooden stairs. They could easily slide and hurt themselves.

Furniture and beds are a whole other ball game. Beds are too high for them to jump off of without eventual damage to their backs. The same with furniture (i.e. couches, chairs, coffee or end tables, etc.) Those, in my opinion, are too high to jump off of safely. Their bodies are long, which means that their little spines require more support. If you want them to go on and off the furniture or bed safely, either put a store bought step stool (Rubbermaid makes a great 2 step - step stool which is light weight, and has good traction, and I know this because I have 3), or make one out of wood and place traction strips ( I have found them at The Home Depot) to help them avoid falling or sliding off and hurting themselves.

And DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT let them get overweight. Those little bones can only carry so much weight. If you notice that their perfectly straight backs start to sag, WORRY.... And then take them to your Vet and ask his/her advise on the best possible health plan to keep your baby in shape.


My weenies breath smells bad. Is this normal? What do I do?


No, it is not normal.

There are a couple of reasons they may have bad breath.

1) They could have an infection.

2) They could have teeth that are decaying.

3) They are not getting everything they require in their daily diets.

This is what I would suggest:

I always give my babies bones. Marrow bones, soup bones, and knuckle bones. These are available in the meat section at your local grocers. And if they aren't, then go to your butcher and request them. Most grocers and/or butchers are very willing to please the customer. So ask. I also highly recommend carrot sticks. 3 or 4 a week will be absolutely great for their teeth and digestive system. All of my babies Love carrots. And always have a bowl of nice fresh water available to them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is imparative for rinsing their teeth of any foreign bodies that may stick to them and cause them to decay quicky. As well as it being crucial to their hydration levels and cleaning their digestive systems.

And Pleas, Please brush their teeth regularily. Approximately 3 times per week. Yes, I know it's one of those pain in the neck jobs. But it is no less important than brushing your own teeth. Their health depends on it. And YOU.

And if all else fails, your Vet will certainly be able to give you all the advise and care your baby could require.


I went to the pet store the other day and I saw the sweetest little Doxie in the world. I know it's not right, but I really want to buy her. What should I do?


I am not sure if the person that e-mailed me with this question about 4 weeks ago was just asking to dissauded, or if they geuinely had an interest in finding out why I would say "ABSOLUTELY NOT". But I am giving them same reason and telling them the same story I want to share with you.

My husband and I went into a Pet store one day. Which for me was a big mistake. We went looking for Science Diet which we feed to our babies. As we were looking for the food, my husband decided to wander. I continued looking for a couple of minutes. To no avail. (Not like I was surprised that they would not carry any quality food). I went to look for my husband. In order to get to where he was I had to pass by 6 cages. All six had at least 3 to 4 dogs or cats in each. Most of them in pain and riddled with diaorrhea. I knew they were in pain because of how they were curled up and some even moaning. In one cage there were 4 puppies and one stood in the corner (of the very small cage) and vomitted. In each cage they were walking in their own feces. I felt like opening each cage and letting them run free. My stomach was turning. Tears were welling up in my eyes. I knew I was so close to loosing it. I turned and almost ran to my husband, knocking over a display of pet toys. I grabbed my husband and began to cry. He held me and asked me what was wrong. I told him, and could see the anger in his face. He grabbed my hand and led me in the direction of another cage. In it was a little silver dappple Daschund. It was a little girl. I reached out my hand to her, feeling even more terrible yet.

She knawed on my fingers as if they were raw hyde, instead of a hand reaching out to her, to share a tiny bit of Love. I went to take my hand away and she began to cry. I put my hand close to her again, and she did the same thing. I talked to her and told her that it hurt. I did not take my hand away, realizing that this was the only way she knew to give affection. She did not look or smell very clean. I looked at my husband and told him that if we did not get out of this store within the next 2 minutes that there would not be a store left to leave. What I meant by this (and my husband knows when it comes to little furry kids I will go to extremes) was that I would trash the store and give the people a major ear full. I was totally disgusted and appalled by this time. I felt like a stick of dynamite with a very short wick. Now, for me to feel like this you can be sure it had to be a very serious situation. Because, as many will attest I am probably one of the most Patient, Caring, Loving people you will ever meet. But, when it comes to harmless little furry kids that cannot protect themselves, I am there. As we walked out of the store I told the three people at the counter that there store was a pig sty, and that they could bet I would be calling the proper authorities to deal with them.

Now this store is just one of three in the Windsor, Ontario area. They all have the same name. So they are obviously owned by the same people. And they are all APPALLING.

Now, here's the real kicker. My daughter had a friend, who had an older sister. They went to this store about a month later. And they bought this little dapple girl. (I was very angry that she was still there after the call that I had made.) I only found out about this because everyone in Nancy's class ( and the whole school) knows that we breed Miniature Dachshunds. So, needless to say that my daughters' friend came up to her and told her about this purchase her sister had made. I spoke to her sister (the one that had purchased the little girl) and asked how she was doing. She told me that soon after she purchased her that she had had to tke the puppy to the Vet. I inquired about why. She said the her new puppy (her name is Brittany, the puppy of course) was in alot of pain and she could not figure out why. It was because she had a ruptured hernia. So (we'll call the woman Lisa) Lisa had to take Brittany to the Vet to be treated. It didn't surprise me, but nonetheless pained me to understand why she had behaved the way she did the day we saw her at the pet store.

Lisa is 22 and she lived with her boyfriend who is 26. She called me a few times over the next couple of months, asking me questions about Brittany. Why she was behaving in a certain way, or why she would not pee on the paper, etc. I gave her the best advise that I could, she thanked me and we left it at that. Apporximately 3 more weeks went by before she called me again. She called and said, I cannot keep her anymore. Could you please take her? I immediately said yes. When she came over I was even more horrified to here what Lisa's boyfriend had been doing to Brittany. Just because she did not urinate on the paper (instead she did it all over their carpetting) Lisa's boyfriend would hit her, kick her, or throw her accross the room. He is so lucky that he did not try to step foot into my house that day. I would have had no problem showing him what it felt like to be kicked around the room. Lisa told me she had paid $1,800.00 at the pet store. I was in shock. She paid so much money for a dog that was so sick. And the reason that she did it was because they offered her monthly payments. Can you imagine? They are now giving puppies the same status as a used car dealer. On monthly payments. Sheeeeeeesh!! Anyway, when all was said and done, and Lisa had left, I tried to pick up Brittany. But she growled at me. So, I figured I would have to go slow with her. In our house our babies are allowed on the couch. I am assuming (just by her reaction) that she was never allowed on the furniture. She would cower everytime I called her to come and sit with me on the couch. I, literally had to work with her for three months, until she felt comfortable enough to come and sit on the couch.

About 2 months ago I received her AKC (american kennel Club) papers. It had the name of the kennel she came from in Ohio. I decided to do some detective work. The kennel that she came from had been closed down three times for abusing their dogs. Well, DUUUUUHHHHH!!!! How the heck these people keep in business is beyond my realm of thinking.

The whole point to this story is. That Brittany came from a KNOWN puppy mill. And by Lisa buying Brittany from this pet store, only encourages these heartless, cruel, inhumane idiots to stay in business. If puppies are not bought from puppy stores, these BAD breeders would not be able to stay alive (financially). Which means, that instead of using innocent lives for profit, they may actually have to go out and make a living doing something worthwhile and honest. So really when it comes down to it, these pet stores are ACCOMPLISES to this hanous crime. They (by buying the puppies and/or kittens) are contributing to the abuse. And believe me, they are only there for profit. Because, if they had any concience they would never ever buy from these Puppy Mills to begin with. They are basically telling these awful breeders that it's o.k. to abuse the puppies and/or kittens. And they are making excessive amounts of profit from these sick animals. And I know for a fact, that NO reputable breeder would ever consider selling puppies to a pet store.

That is why I say "ABSOLUTELY NOT".

Oh, one more thing. We still have Brittany to this day. We have had her going on a year now. She still has some behavioural problems to this day. (i.e. overly aggressive with some of the other dogs, excessive barking, etc.) This is the end result of a puppy mill dog.

Please, please pick a reputable breeder. Do not impulse buy. Especially from a pet store. And always ask for references. Ask to speak to some of their customers, their Veterinarian, or other Veterinarians that might know of them or their puppies. But to be educated about the Breeder and the Breed is the best thing you can do for a healthy relationship with your new "furry kid" for years to come.



My dog has diaorrhea. Can you please tell me what might be causing this?


I received this e-mail just the other day. I e-mailed the lady back and asked her some questions.
1) Have there been any major upsets in her life?
2) Did she eat or swallow any foreign objects?
3) Could it possibly be that she might have eaten a mouse or any other small rodent?
4) Have you changed her food?
5) Has she had any changes in her drinking water?

She wrote me back saying that she had just changed her dog food to a cheaper brand.

Well, the obvious for me is that she changed her brand period. But the second contributor is that she changed to a much poorer quality than what she was originally using.

Her puppy had been on the same food for approximately 6 months. So her digestive tract had become accustomed to that particular food. The dog food she was used to had a very high quality protein. Unfortunately the food she changed to had a much poorer quality protein.

The enzimes in her puppy's tummy were having a hard time digesting this new food. So my advise to the owner was, put her back on the same food, and see if the diaorrhea subsides within a couple of days, if not, fry up some extra lean ground beef, drain it well, and absorb all of the excess fat in paper towels. Put it aside and cook 1 cup of rice. (white rice, something like Uncle Ben's Minute Rice is fine)Mix the two together and give that to her for 2 days, if it does not clear up then, or if at any time over that period of time the puppy becomes any sicker, take her to the Vet immediately.

If at any time you have any questions for me and I feel that they will be helpful to other Mom's or Dad's, I would be more than willing to post both the questions and answers here. Thank you for your constant support and kindness.

Sim, Bill, and Nancy